Let Them Die

Tomorrow I am going to a Medical Aid In Dying meeting. This is a subject that many do not want to think about, let alone talk about. To me, it has always been personal. After 3 decades in the helping profession, two of which I was a crisis counselor for the HIV/AIDS and addiction communities, … Read more

Beloved Not Belittled

As mothers, we do midnight feedings and toilet training. We take our children, often with tears, to the schoolroom door. We hassle over bike helmets and homework, telephones and televisions. We anguish over colleges, which one or why not. Finally, the day comes when our children are grown and gone. Our worries, we think, are … Read more

Automobile Accidents Resulting in Death

When someone that you love is taken from you because of a driver that was negligent, such as getting behind the wheel intoxicated or on drugs, or simply not paying attention to the road, it can be devastating. Not only have you lost a very important person in your life, but possibly income from the … Read more

Domestic Violence and Women

Every single day a number of health care professionals have to encounter an incident of an abused victim turning to them to request help. But even of you are not a trained professional you should be familiar with what domestic violence is and what it can do to victims. Then you will be better prepared … Read more

Women Who Cheat Should Be Caught

Are you like other men across the world, wondering if your wife or girlfriend is being faithful? If you are don’t feel bad this is a growing concern among men everywhere. However women who cheat have a sneaky and sometimes cunning way of doing it that a man can be blind to. Women have a … Read more

Benefits of Using A Taxi Service

Commuting from one place to another is an important and unavoidable part of every person’s daily life. We often have to travel from one place to another for personal or official reasons. Modes of transportation like buses and trains do not always run according to our preferences and usually are overcrowded. Hiring a taxi service … Read more

Camels With Amazing Abilities To Survive

Camels have played an important part in the lives of many people for at least four thousand years, and this is mainly because camels have a wonderful ability to live in places where other large animals could never survive. The body of a camel looks strange to us with a long curved neck, skinny legs, … Read more

Women Men Love to Date

Becoming the type of woman that men love to date is easier than you think. A few simple tips and strategies can instantly turn your dating luck around. By following these tips and strategies you will ensure that your social calendar is full of fabulous and fun dates. The most important thing to remember is … Read more

Youth In A Changing World

Children are the gifts of God to parents. That young child will in no time at all grow up to become a resposible future leader if he is well catered for. Therefore whatever they learn or grow up with is what they will act upon in their future.   Juvenile Deliquency is nothing but indiscipline … Read more

Snake Behaviour Around Humans

A snake’s behaviour around humans is largely dependent on the type and breed of snake that comes into contact with a human. There are more than 2,000 different varieties of snake in the world that will all react differently when in direct contact with a larger species, such as being approached by a human. The … Read more

Receiving Compensation After a Plane Crash

Just about any time a plane crashes, either in the United States or overseas, news stations run hours of coverage on the event. While the coverage of plane crashes may make them seem common, it is important to note that most of the plane crashes that occur get news coverage; if the same were true … Read more

Pregnancy After 35 Years

For last 15 years number of women who gave birth for the first time in the age between 30 and 39 years increased more than twice. For the same period number of women over 40, giving birth for the first time, increased 50%. 10 years ago a woman’s biological clock began sound the alarm, when … Read more

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day Every year, on March 8, the celebration of International Women’s Day takes place around the world. In some areas, the celebration tends to focus on the achievements of women, including their political, economic and social achievements. In other areas, it is seen as more of a general celebration … Read more

How to Get Rich Without Going to Jail

If you ask the average person to tell you how to get rich, most of them will start naming off potential industries that can make you a lot of money if you know what you are doing. You will hear things like become a real estate investor, get your doctorate, invent something hot, or open … Read more