Some of The Funniest Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian weddings are not simple ceremonies that include the matrimonial bonding of two people in front of families and friends; it is also an elaborate display of their customs, traditions and beliefs. In fact Indian weddings are the most extravagant kind in the whole world. Rituals and ceremonies start off many days before the commencing … Read more

Nurturing Girls: Challenging Role For Indian Moms Today?

To play the role of mother to a girl child in an Indian society has always posed unique problems. Today, under the impact of global culture, these problems have metamorphosed into new complexities. An average middle-class Indian mother has to strike a precarious balance between the new trends of liberal ideas that her daughter has … Read more

Landslide Closes Karakoram Highway in North Pakistan

While world attention is focussed upon earthquake ravaged Haiti, another national disaster has almost gone unnoticed by the world. On January 4th, 2010, a massive section of the steep slopes of the Palmir mountains gave way causing a huge landslide that closed the Karakoram Highway in Northern Pakistan and destroyed most of the village of … Read more

Husband Caught Cheating?

The shock, the pain, the emotional tsunami of a husband caught cheating is so agonizing. There’s no single solution to understanding why some men cheat.But, without a doubt, infidelity feels like the worst betrayal ever. For women, infidelity feels like a solid punch in the stomach, with no relief in sight. What’s especially hard is … Read more

Daddy-Daughter Dating

Whether you realize it or not, you alone are the greatest factor in determining what type of man your daughter ends up marrying. Quite likely, she will choose someone just like you. Or, if not a man exactly like you, one with very similar tendencies and characteristics. Scary thought, isn’t it? You have your daughter’s … Read more

Ten Great Little Railways of Snowdonia

Steam locomotives were a common sight throughout Britain until the mid-20th century, when they were gradually replaced by engines powered by diesel and electricity. But diesel and electric engines, while faster than steam locomotives, don’t have quite the same charm and romance as a chuffing, chugging plume of steam zig-zagging across the open countryside, through … Read more

Facts About Truck Accidents

A truck accident is very different from a car accident or from any other type of motor vehicle accident, for that matter. The difference is that truck drivers have limited visibility. A commercial truck’s driver position is often so elevated that some areas beside and behind him exist where there is limited or even zero … Read more

Awesome Back to School Party Ideas

Back to school party is like a New Year’s Party. It defines the event of going back to school and in some cases this time of the year calls for a celebration of some sorts. In order to start the new school year in style, the party could have a fun or educational theme. Some … Read more

How to Pick Up Girls in College – Learn Now

College girls often have a different attitude towards life. Most of them are used to an easy life too often with shopping schedules, parties, fun and entertainment. Often college girls remain free of emotional attachment while they like dating and enjoying with guys without any inhibitions. It is not very hard to understand how to … Read more

How to Get the Girl All the Other Guys Want

There’s always a girl that attracts men like moths to a candle, yet always seems to go home alone because no one seems to be able to get through the barricades she has put up. You and your friends have been studying her for a while and they’ve all tried their luck but come up … Read more

Are You Fully Present in Your Marriage?

Have you ever been talking with someone and felt that they were miles away even though they were sitting next to you? They might have appeared to be listening, but you could sense that they weren’t really mentally and emotionally present in the conversation. We all have moments when our mind wanders and we lose … Read more

How Optimism can Help – or Hurt – Your Marriage

Beth and Tom were happily married for over 25 years – no small feat in today’s world. At first, their friends could not understand how their marriage succeeded, due to numerous perceived shortcomings. However, closer scrutiny of their marriage revealed that it was their thinking patterns – the ways they explained and interpreted their partner’s … Read more

The Reality of Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages have been a topic of interest for centuries. Authors across the ages have explored this theme at length, and it still surfaces in literary works today. What’s the appeal? Is it the fascination with the lack of lust and desire we cultivate in North American society? We strive on the element of danger, … Read more

Medicare Part D Donut Hole

Medicare Part D Donut Hole continues to be probably the most debatable and complicated to comprehend areas of Medicare insurance. Part D is meant to be a government-run plan to aid with all the expenses of prescription medications for anyone on Medicare. Probably the most difficult component of Medicare Part D Donut Hole for many … Read more

What Is Redundancy Insurance And Do I Really Need It?

Redundancy Insurance is a form of Income Protection Insurance where, if you are made redundant a percentage of your usual income will be paid to you until the payments reach the terms of your policy or you secure another job. Redundancy Insurance differs from Income Protection Insurance as with the latter your usual income is … Read more

Pricing Up Your Home’s Possessions

You can frequently and easily forget how much your items are worth when they are around you on a daily basis. Electronic goods such as mobile phones, computers and MP3 players are to be found in most people’s homes, and while these may appear to be among the most valuable objects, there are numerous other … Read more