Actress Nargis and Deedar , in media after long time

Does Not Contradict The Bible: You will find out that some of the ones on the internet are trying to contradict the Bible rather than try to explain it. Don’t read those ones. Look for ones say two that are focused on explaining the Bible. What you want to understand is the Bible not the daily devotional. So it must be in accordance with the Bible.

3. Based On Life Issues: Because we are talking here about the Bible, a good daily devotional most not necessarily be talking about hell, heaven, death. It must be based on every day issues of life like marriages, finding a good partner, living a healthy life. As humans all we know is living, we don’t know about heaven, hell, so we should be humble enough to talk about what we know rather than saying something we have no idea about. A good daily devotional writer spends his time searching the Bible for issues related to life. Watch video in link below

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4. Answer Real Life Questions: We all came and met this world. The only way we can find out things for ourselves is to ask questions. A good daily devotional is not one that is just talking about the Bible but one that is finding out what people are in search for in the Bible and then explaining it to them.

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