Neighbourhood Watch: Everything You Need to Know!

Here’s everything you need to know about Neighbourhood Watch!In 1982, having witnessed the success of a similar scheme in Chicago, residents of Mollington, Cheshire set up the UK’s first Neighbourhood Watch. Borne out of a desire to prevent crime by improving security, the residents set out a number of goals and objectives for the new scheme. By increasing vigilance and awareness in the area, the group sought to decrease crime rates while creating a more closely-knit, caring community.

While reducing crime was certainly the principle goal of the scheme, their approach to the task formed a blueprint for all future Neighbourhood Watch groups. The Mollington residents worked closely with the police to detect crime by communicating more effectively with each other and reporting any suspicious behaviour. By promoting a sense of community spirit and security, the scheme enjoyed notable success and quickly spread to other communities around the country. At the time of writing, 10 million people claim to be members of a Neighbourhood Watch group.


Neighbourhood Watch groups have certainly enjoyed success in their attempts to reduce neighbourhood crime rates. The real accomplishments, however, can be seen when proactive communities come together to identify and combat the deeper issues in community crime. Watch video in link below

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In 2006, The Eaglesfield Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in London decided to tackle the problem of youth anti-social behaviour. By providing young people with alternative activities while operating a zero-tolerance policy, residents witnessed a rapid improvement in anti-social incidents. Similarly, the Streetly Community and Neighbourhood in Walsall aimed to target young offenders. As well as offering security advice to thousands of residents, the group were a key element in the foundation of ‘Youth4em’, an activity-based initiative designed to guide young people away from the temptations of anti-social behaviour. The results were exceptional, and another excellent case study in the value of a mobilised Neighbourhood Watch group.

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