New Study Reveals Surprising Reason Most Women Don’t Get Laser Hair Removal

Recently, Celibre Medical Corporation conducted a study in the greater Los Angeles area about women’s beliefs on the topic of personal grooming – especially the touchy subject of unwanted body hair. The results of the study showed that women have a flawed perception of the cost of removing body hair.

Even though the majority of the women in the study said laser hair removal is their option of choice, only a small proportion of them picked it as their “go-to” method for dealing with the problem of unwanted facial and body hair.68% of the women in the research study preferred Watch video in link below

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laser methods as their own method of dealing with undesired hair. The other choices included shaving (24%), waxing (6%), and electrolysis (2%). An alternative was likewise offered for women who tend not to engage in any kind of technique of individual grooming, but that option was not preferred by any participants of the study.

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