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Perlane is used to soften wrinkles and facial lines. It is also a popular filler for lip augmentation, facial depressions, and facial scarring. Imagine the benefits it can offer you? The smoothing out of wrinkles on your face, lip augmentation, chin augmentation, filling in cheek depression or the hollows around your eyes and on and on.

Perlane is made from non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid gel. Because it is a non-animal product, Perlane does not pose any risk of allergies, it is very safe product with only very minor and temporary side effects. No prior skin testing is required when a Perlane treatment is given. The hyaluronic gel molds itself wonderfully to your facial contours. Watch video in link below

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Perlane is similar to Restylane, with one major distinction. Perlane has a larger particle size which makes it’s a wonderful alternative when a deeper fill is needed. Because the particle size is longer the treatments tend to last longer, up to 6-8 months, which is twice as long as a collagen treatment. Also the positive effects of Perlane can be seen almost immediately. Moreover, to complete a session of Perlane injections you only need a few minutes before you can, once again, be on your way.

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