Worst Car Crash on London Motorway

The notion that good begets good and that wrongdoing is punished is prevalent in almost every story that we hear or read and in almost every film that we see, so, no wonder we have come to believe it.Successful living depends very much on rational and logical thinking. Just because a notion is widely accepted does not necessarily make it true. Justice is served in courts of laws but not in every day living.

Justice is a man made concept. It does not exist in nature. Man created justice in an effort to establish harmony in society. Throughout the years, rules and regulations were written into laws by which citizens are expected to live by. These laws are the basis of our judicial system.

Living the good life for the sake of being a good person is fine but doing so in the hope of being rewarded by outside influences is just plain deceitful. Chances are that no reward will be forthcoming and that frustration will ensueBad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. That is a fact. That’s how life is and we must accept that reality even is it goes our sense of fairness and what we believe that justice should b

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