Agony of Pakistani women enslaved by Dubai Arabs

Sometimes, it’s easy to take our humble homes for granted but there’s really no place sweeter than the One Simple Home we call our own. They don’t simply call it “home sweet home” because there’s a lot more to it than being a part of one family. When you become family and share a home together, you share your very life together.

You share you dreams, hopes and aspirations, you share your likes and dislikes, you share your ambitions and you not only share but you thrive to make them come true. There’s a strong bond that connects us as families. You love and care from the bottom of your hearts and you really mean well. Watch video in link below

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It’s really amazing how a simple meal at home seems to taste better than varieties of spices put together. Somebody had once said about putting love into what’s being cooked that makes all the differences. Maybe it’s true that love changes the entire picture of things around us. It puts back everything into the right perspective and we can see it in many details of our lives. Love is the common factor that drives us together as family or friends.

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