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Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission(RMAFC), the annual Take-home allowance of each senator and member of the House of Representatives(HOR) in Nigeria is estimated at N19.66million and N18.26million, respectively. Also, the basic annual salary for each senator is about N2.3million, while each member of the HOR is about N1.99million. In total, the Take-home allowances and salaries of Senators and members of the HOR is estimated at N2.14billion and N6.58billion. The overall annual legislators Take-Home Allowances and salaries is estimated at N8.72billion.

So tell me, can a country that spends N8.72billion annually on its legislators, (whereas the average citizens live in abject poverty), be regarded as a Just country? Can its societal proceedings be termed Just? In fact, the RMAFC specifically states that, “with the national minimum salary of about N18,000 per month and N216,000 per annum, it will take an average Nigerian worker, 60 years and 44 years to earn the annual salary and allowance of a Nigerian senator and a member of the HOR respectively”. Its no wonder Ben Murray-Bruce, a Nigerian Senator, called for a reduction of the salaries and allowances of legislators.

Something needs to be done. A Nigerian street cleaner, police man, doctor, lecturer and so on, is just as important as a Nigerian senator. In fact, Nigeria as a whole can not survive without policemen/army to defend its territory, doctors to treat its sick citizens(including its senators), street cleaners to keep the country clean, and lecturer/teachers to educate and impact on its youths(its future). Instead, our brothers and sisters at the helm of affairs continue to get rich and embezzle money, while important Artisans who also play important roles, get poorer. Watch video in link below

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