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As a technique of magic realism the portrayal of the angel becomes a fiction where belief is left to the credibility of the readers. One has to be convinced that fairy tales are true. The reader has to force his or her imagination to live to the standards of fiction. The enigma of the created angel does not surprise the reader or astonish him or her. Marquez exploits the older genres of the fairy tale to create this bizarre concoction.

The creation of the Angel proceeds from Marquez’ hotchpotch Catholic beliefs and becomes an amalgamation of an archetype that has a cosmic dualism of the divine and the profane. This can be seen as a conjecture of a writer coming to terms with writing a fiction that is highly immature. All of the content in his fiction is highly hyperbolic and has the ambience of an aura that is carnal and frivolous. Watch video in link below

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The creation of the archetype proceeds from the unconscious of the writer. Archetypes have a rational explanation that is a sublimation of unconscious instincts to a more conceivable and acceptable norm. On the one hand we can conceive his depiction of the angel to the fallen one and on to the other a human portrayed with majestic features. There is a gutter in the grandiose, a gutter with puddles of angelic fallibility.

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