Where’s the Humanity

I think that one reason for the acrimonious response from the media and public is that there is this perception that those in public office or public service should be held to higher personal standards than those people in private service. But is the electrician or accountant who has extramarital relations really any different than the teacher or senator or CIA Director who steps out on his or her spouse?

I would say that there is no difference. Each are susceptible to the temptations that arise with close proximity, companionship, and lack of communication with their significant other. The difference is that the public expects public servants to be beyond temptation, to not make mistakes, basically, to not be human. Watch video in link below

video link : http://wp.me/p8HeNU-1yE

The second reason for this response is that people enjoy watching someone’s fall from grace or position. There are also those who thrive on delivering public servants to the career ending gallows, complete with inaccuracies, perversions, and embellishments, in order to placate the righteous horde’s desire to bear witness, with feigned outrage, to the tragedy and misfortune of these once esteemed servants. Mainstream

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