My Spouse Wants A Divorce Because He Says I’m No Fun

: I can certainly understand why it would hurt. And this situation is especially tough because it’s mostly outside of your control and it is benign. He’s not saying that you are a bad person or that you have done anything wrong. He’s basically telling you that he doesn’t think that your personality fits with his. This can make things feel quite personal and it can make you feel a little helpless because you’re not sure how you can even begin to change this.

I think that a good first step might be to ask yourself if this has always been a problem. I suppose there might be a situation where a man would have married a woman who he thought never had any fun, but I would think it would rare. I would think that the most likely scenario is that it wasn’t a huge problem when the couple was first dating. Typically, when people are deeply in love and firmly connected, their differences are actually seen as assets rather than major problems. It’s typically only when problems begin to erode the marriage that the differences in personality become real issues. Watch video in link below

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Of course, I can’t possibly know your husband’s thought process, nor can I predict how serious he may be about separating, but if it were me, I would prioritize taking a very honest look at your marriage and asking yourself if there is more going on than just your personality differences.

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