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The point I’m trying to make is that verbal humor, without nonverbal humor to support it, can be risky business, like writing that previous sentence. It was really funny when I was saying it, but you couldn’t see me. I could. Trust me, it was VERY funny. But all you have are the words. In fact, one of the un-funniest things you can try to do with words is write about what is funny. It’s painful! But the good news is, pain is funny. Keep laughing at me or with me and I’ll explain in a moment.

While there are inherently funny words, (newcular instead of nuclear, for example) you will find more funny in a facial expression, a playful voice tone, and an exaggerated gesture. And you can use words to create a funny picture, to imply an accent, or to demonstrate that you have plenty of attitude. Y’all need me to draw you a pitcher? Well, pitcher this. Cartoons ever make you laugh? Oh yes, they did. And how? Through the dishing out of incredible amounts of pain. And why did that make you laugh? The painful fact is, that… Watch video in link below+

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Pain is funny. Comedians understand that pain, whether physical or emotional, is what’s so funny about humor. Not all pain. Just the kind you survive. And pain is funnier when it is happening to someone else. Not so much when it happens to you. Except, that is, for the people who watch it happening to you. They may be quite amused. They’re thinking that it’s better you than them. They are laughing at your expense. Nice of you to give them such a treat.

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