Young Lady Is Getting Mauled By Two Young Lions

But let’s be honest. Not all humor is equally funny. In fact, bad humor is also one of the fastest ways to put people in a bad mood, undermine relationships, create hard feelings, offend sensibilities, poison an atmosphere and destroy what could have been a great event, project, team, business, or community.

And I’d say that it is safe to say that not all funny is funny to all. In-jokes are usually only funny to the people in on the joke, the people who shared the experience with you. They tend to leave everyone else drawing a blank. But sometimes, you tell an in-joke, the people who are in start laughing, and the people who aren’t in on the joke start laughing too! All the while, they are wondering, and maybe even saying, “What’s so funny?” because they want to know why they are laughing. Watch video in link below

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Still, you just can’t please all the people all the time. If it is tasteless, spare us. Unless you know us and know that our taste runs all the way to tasteless. And really, the only way to know what is and isn’t funny is to know as much as you can about who you are talking to and find out what you can about what they find funny.

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