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Whenever a woman tells her friends, “my boyfriend says I’m needy,” they’ll typically tell her that he’s wrong. Your friends are there to protect you. They don’t want to add to your emotional discomfort by telling you that you may actually be needy and that may be pushing your guy away. Women and men tend to view the idea of being needy in very different ways. To us we simply see it as a sign of how deep and unwavering our love is for our guy. To men it’s a sign of desperation and it’s unappealing.

If your boyfriend has told you that he believes you’re too needy, don’t discount that. Don’t get super sensitive and fall apart into a puddle of tears. That won’t help matters at all. He’ll view your outburst as a sign of how right he is in his observation of you. If you can’t accept criticism very well, he’ll stop sharing what he feels and eventually that will create so much emotional distance that he’ll pull back forever. Watch video in link below

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Address the issue head on. Obviously he wouldn’t have shared what he felt unless he wanted things to change. You have to start looking honestly at your behavior within the relationship. If you are constantly chasing after your boyfriend hoping to spend time with him, that’s being too needy. If you need constant reassurance that he loves you, that’s being too needy as well. Jealousy can also be interpreted as neediness, so you need to be mindful of that as you move forward.

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