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But I always felt that this is why my husband and I were such a wonderful match. My husband is a jokester and very jovial. I love being around him because he makes me laugh. I never realized that he expected for me to make him laugh. He never complained. And I certainly would not call myself a negative person. I am not a pessimist. I’m just not naturally someone who makes fun my top priority.

I love that my husband brings this lighter side into my life. And I’m devastated that it is starting to sound like I might not have it in my life anymore. I don’t know how to ward this off. I could try to be more fun loving and to cultivate my sense of humor. But I’m not sure that I could pull it off. I don’t know if my husband is really willing to separate or divorce me because I don’t know how to have fun. This scares me horribly. And it hurts.” Watch video in link below

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Evaluating The True Problem: I can certainly understand why it would hurt. And this situation is especially tough because it’s mostly outside of your control and it is benign. He’s not saying that you are a bad person or that you have done anything wrong. He’s basically telling you that he doesn’t think that your personality fits with his. This can make things feel quite personal and it can make you feel a little helpless because you’re not sure how you can even begin to change this.

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