John Cena Accept Islam After Listening Maulana Tariq Jameel

Sorrow, anguish, and rage pulse inside your bones, a kind of cancer gnawing away at the vibrancy of your life. Everything seems awash in a sea of gray and black, and you wonder if you’ll ever live in color again. I’m sorry.When I decided to take my own life, I destroyed so many others. I couldn’t keep my promise, even after I felt the ache of our sister’s suicide.


So many people feel guilty as if they could have done something to stop me. I see now how my actions have damaged so many. The collective voice of all those left in the wake of my death rises. They all ask the same, big question, “Why?”You hunt for answers-you speculate. It’s as though you’re trying to unravel a mystery that you instinctively know you can never solve. Watch video in link below

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I wish I could take away your sadness. I wish I could erase your confusion. But even more than this, I wish I could restore your relationship with God. I never meant to come between you. But God is already accomplishing what I cannot do.Shattered pieces of you lay scattered, waiting to be made whole again. You may not see it yet, but God is stitching you back together. He is mending your friendship with Him, as only He can do.


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