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The taste of a man’s semen is definitely acquired. Some people like it and others do not, refusing to swallow it at all. The major complaint is that it tastes bitter-like bleach with salt in it. It can be a very bad turn off. It is possible to learn how to make cum taste good by doing a few simple tricks

Bodies all secrete things like saliva, sweat, urine and semen that are affected by whatever you eat. The smell and flavor depends on the food you eat so if you want to learn how to make cum taste good, pay attention to your diet and avoid eating curry, garlic or onions and other spices that will come out in your semen. Watch video in link below

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Altering your diet will affect all of the secretions of the body, including your cum. There are supplements that claim to sweeten your sperm but most of these don’t really taste all that good. You need clean living and a healthy diet.

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