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What should you feature at your Viennese hour? Everything! The whole point of it is to give your guests that kid in a candy shop feeling. Everywhere they look, they should discover another of their favorite sweets. The dessert hour should leave your guests a little awestruck, as they look around in wonder, thinking, “Where should I begin?”.

The basics of a wedding Viennese hour or dessert bar are cookies, bars like brownies and blondies, cakes, pies, and mini pastries. Regional specialties should certainly be on the menu; think New York cheesecake in Manhattan or beignets in New Orleans. Individual servings of favorite desserts like creme brule and chocolate pudding should also be on the menu. And this is only the beginning! Watch video in link below

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Chocolate and candies are another part of a Viennese hour. The most impressive way to serve chocolate is a chocolate fountain. Guests find them irresistible, and love the chance to dip fresh fruit, pretzels, and gourmet marshmallows into the flowing chocolate. Another option is to present chocolate dipped fruits like strawberries instead of having the fountain. An array of white, milk, and dark chocolate dipped fruits would be especially nice. Be sure to order the chocolate dipped treats in large quantities, because your guests will go crazy for them!

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