Pakistani Boy With A Girl Doing One Wheeling

What you may not know is that now due to new developments and a huge shift in the market even you can feel as fabulous as your favorite celeb. And this is very important to women in this world largely dominated still by men I believe our strongest power is her womanhood in our femininity. A woman not in tune with this power I believe is sorely at a disadvantage because it handicaps them, deprives them of self-esteem and makes them bitter to other women that may be more in tune with themselves and have a sense of wholeness.

Do you remember a time growing up playing your mothers mirror with make up, jewelry, shoes and fancy clothes?All these things are vital to a young girl and her development as a woman. It builds her self-esteem and confidence in herself. But sometimes when you get older you stop playing dress-up, you look in the everyday mirror but you no longer tell yourself how pretty you are or how much of a princess you are. You stop trying new looks new styles and can often find yourself in a rut. You should always find time to play dress up, try new things and explore. As I always say, “When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you do your best.” Watch video in link below

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My point gets proven all the time on reality television make-over shows. The show often starts off with a shy woman, that may have low self-esteem due to life and it look’s like she stepped out of time capsule from 20 years ago. Her attitude displays that she is unhappy yet she swears that everything’s great. She often gets offended and has no idea why someone would think she was in need of a make-over. But in the end when her new look is revealed often with a new hair style and a new wardrobe, the person that you saw in the beginning of the show looks like a totally different person not just on the outside but she looks like a new person. She’s glowing from on the inside, standing taller and her eyes have life to them again. This is the feeling you should have as often as you like just because, not because someone tells you that you need it.

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