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It’s been a long day for him. But as his day ends and he prepares for bed this is a good time to send him some naughty messages to wish him a goodnight. Before we take a look at some of the naughty goodnight messages, it’s important to note that you need to know his mood first. He’s been working all day and he is probably tired.

To make sure that you naughty goodnight messages have full effect, I always recommend that he should be in a state where he gets all your attention before you begin. You can start by asking him “what are you doing Sexy?” Most likely he will respond with a line that reads something like “I have just got in the house from work”. Watch video in link below

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Go ahead and send him a line that goes something like “You must be tired, I am sure you had a long day”. If he has been working the whole day he will respond by letting you know how worn out he is. Make a suggestion that he takes a long hot shower to make him feel better. You can send him a text like “take a hot shower my love”. After he has taken a shower, suggest that he goes to bed and relaxes. This is the time that you have his attention and time to start sending him some naughty messages.

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