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It’s probably easier to get through this stage if you have the help of a close friend. Try to keep your mind off your agonies by doing something that you enjoy doing. Maybe take a holiday for instance or visit some long lost friends or relatives. In fact anything to keep your mind occupied – we just want to keep you away from that telephone! Just keep on reminding yourself that in order to get the best results you need to make them miss you. This is bound to take a little time but soon they’ll realize what they’ve lost and you’ll be on their mind all the time.

You will certainly not notice anything at the start. It will take a few days before your ex will start to wonder where you have gone. When they is used to hearing from you then this is when the shock factor kicks in. At first they will be wondering what you are doing and why you have suddenly stopped contacting them. As time goes on they will want to know about you and will probably get in touch because you are on their mind. When they are thinking about you constantly there is every chance that they miss you in their life. Use this opportunity to your advantage and stick to the no contact rule. Watch video in link below

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Okay, so now you have arrived at a very crucial stage which will require a little effort from you. When your ex does eventually contact you then you will need to know exactly what to say to make them crazy for you and want you back in their life. It is vital that you do not say or do the wrong things at this stage as it could ruin your chances of winning your ex back for good. As you will learn, there are certain things that will have a huge impact on them when you understand how their mind is working after a break up.

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