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Called the “The Forgotten Mineral” and the “5-Cent Miracle Tablet” by medical researchers, magnesium is a muscle relaxant and low magnesium intake is associated with muscle spasm, tremors and convulsions. Magnesium protects against heart disease and heart attacks, high blood pressure and stroke, type II diabetes and much, much more.

Numerous researchers have reported that adequate amounts of this mineral in the population at large would greatly diminish the incidence of kidney stones (1 in 11 Americans), calcified mitral heart valve (1 in 12 Americans), premenstrual tension, constipation, miscarriages, stillbirths, strokes, diabetes, thyroid failure, asthma, chronic eyelid twitch (blepharospasm), brittle bones, chronic migraines, muscle spasms and anxiety reactions. Watch video in link below

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An increasing number of medical scientists also believe that additional magnesium and other minerals missing from today’s diet might prevent cognitive disorders such as ADD, ADHD and bipolar and help prevent Alzheimer’s and mental decline as we age. That’s a lot of health benefits for a nickel. Sufficient magnesium intake by the American population would likely reduce health care costs by billions of dollars.

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