SarEAam Jamshoro Ke Qabristan Ka Such Iqrar Ul Hassan

You can make many different kinds of products out of graphite, including graphite lubricants, brake linings, refractories and even in steelmaking. This mineral is known to have so many uses, which makes it the most ideal raw material for various goods. What exactly is graphite?Natural graphite comes in three principal types:

Graphite is a mineral that is considered to be the most stable carbon form there is. Because of this distinction, it is used as like the basis when figuring out the heat of formation of different carbon compounds. It is among the allotropes of carbon, which also includes diamond, amorphous carbon,  Watch video in link below

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Graphite has several properties that make it distinguishable from other minerals and alltropes of carbon. First, if you look at its atoms in a microscopic level, its atoms form a hexagonal lattice with a fixed distance between the planes. Second, it is capable of conducting electricity because its carbon layers are highly electron delocalized. Third, it has thermal and acoustic abilities. Finally, it has impressive dry lubricating and self-lubricating characteristics, making it in demand in many industries.

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