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Coal carbonization is the process in which raw materials in the natural form are converted into various forms of carbon. The final residue that is derived from carbon is only after applying the process of pyrolysis and destruction of organic raw materials through the process of distillation. Equal amount of such carbonaceous compound can further be extracted through the production of carbon elements

At the same time, coke can serve as a source of fuel for domestic use and purpose which is not just smoke-free but also Eco-friendly at the same time. Coal carbonization is one such process which is used to derive a wide range of various other forms of metallurgical coke. Most of the bituminous coal is formed naturally and those which can be used in the coking process are priced much higher due  Watch video in link below

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It is the coke oven which is specially designed to facilitate the entire coke-making process. It is in these ovens where coal is blended and combined at a temperature that can vary between a degree of 1,000 to 2,000 Celsius. The temperature inside the coke oven is such that to ensure and facilitate the production of the by-product better known as coke. Such ovens or device for making coke are can integral part of the whole coke-making process.

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