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In labs and other environments that require a very specific level of relative humidity (RH), careful precaution must be taken when regulating the environmental conditions. Biological incubation and pharmaceutical studies are examples of this type of environment. Even slight RH changes have a dramatic impact on the product or results.

When RH is critical to a process, it must be carefully tracked and measured. Even storage and shipping parts of the process must be monitored to ensure consistency. If not regulated properly, the productivity, quality and cost of a process can be negatively affected. Watch video in link below

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One way to keep track of RH is the use of humidity data loggers. These compact tools allow for the continuous measurement of RH during the entire production or research process. Humidity data loggers can help prevent costly mistakes, saving both time and money. From beginning to end, these valuable instruments can help you achieve precise conditions during a critical production process.

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