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If you are looking to change your diet then you will want a list of complex carbohydrate foods and other foods that are not only good for you but can also help you lose weight. Complex carbs are desired because it takes more energy to burn the foods, they are low calories and they will keep you feeling full for longer. is the molecule known as glycogen. In plants starch is either fiber or cellulose. Humans cannot actually digest cellulose.

These foods are recommended in general because they are rarely processed or refined so many products that are all natural of whole grain. These all natural products will not contain any additives or preservatives and may not have as long of a shelf life depending on the item.Carbohydrates are a form of starch and there are animal and plant forms of starch. In animals starch Watch video in link below

video link : http://wp.me/p8HeNU-Io

These starches are long chains of sugar molecules which will stay in your system longer so you will feel fuller. These complex starches are much better for you then simple starches. Simple starch foods will be used up quickly and you will soon feel hungry again.

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