Israil Mein Masoom Bachon Kai Sath Ziadti

If you are a business owner of any kind, think about the people that add value to you and your success. You need the manufacturing department to build or create a good product. You need the customer service department to always be responsive and polite to each of your customers. And finally, you need your marketing department to do thorough research so that you know who you are selling to and how best to reach them. The marketing department is the creative side of your company-

the ones who will know how to best fit the words together, to not only drive interest but to finish or close the sale. The creative department may be able to weave the words together better than anybody else, and that is their intellectual capital, what they bring to the table for every meeting. Watch video in link below

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Intellectual capital is not always creative, however. Sometimes it is more esoteric, or sometimes it is more day to day. It does not always have to be the brilliant, one lined zinger of the advertising world that is considered to be intellectual capital. Sometimes it can be so much more. Perhaps Phil in accounting has a method of listing assets that saves fifteen minutes from each client’s ledger. If you have one hundred clients, then Phil has just saved your company around 25 man hours of time. Phil has increased productivity and as long as there is no decline in accuracy, it is a huge bonus to everyone.

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