Molvi should be sent to jail

This arrest information will allow residents to know what kind of sex offender they have in their neighborhood (remember, the sex offender in your neighborhood may be a 35 year old man who when he just turned 18 years old had a 15 year old girlfriend who was one week away from being 16 and is now married to the victim with two kids over their 10 year marriage. If you knew this information about this sex offender you would treat him much differently than if you knew the offender had molested a 5 year old boy).

The last added benefit would be that the offender would be able to find a place to live and maybe learn to fit back into society. A man with something to lose is much more controllable than a man with nothing. These residency laws keep placing these offenders in positions of having nothing causing many of then to offend again. Worst yet is when an offender decides that he was better off in prison and decides to have some fun before going back in. Definitely a situation that we do not want. Watch video in link below

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Law Makers need to decide if they are going to pay lip service to public safety against sex offenders or actually give their citizens and police to tools needed to actually monitor this population. Knowledge is the key to this not ignorance and fear. Knowing what you know now, would you rather be told where they can’t live or know who they are and where they are? Which would make you feel safer?

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