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Linux is different. Linux is a completely free operating system that users can simply download from the internet, burn to a CD and reboot to install. Its as simple as that and as it comes complete with everything the average user needs, an office suite, digital camera software, internet applications etc., you don’t need to pay for any add-ons.Ubuntu, like other Linux systems is completely free to download, install and use. It doesn’t ask for any personal information or require a product registration. You just download and off you go.

Unfortunately Linux is generally regarded as a “geek’s” operating system, inferring that unless you have a doctorate in computer science you simply cannot get it to work. Recent releases however have changed all that and now Linux is as easy to use as its two main rivals in the desktop war. One distribution of this free operating system has received much praise and recommendation recently – Ubuntu. Watch video in link below

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Unlike Windows or OSX, which, to coin a manufacturing phrase, batch and queue their improvements and ship them in bulk every few years, Ubuntu release regular improvements as they happen and which you can download via a notification icon in the system tray. It is more in line with the way Toyota build cars. The kaizen way.

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