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Even though the advantages of kaizen are numerous and widely acknowledged, it has to be admitted that this style of managing a business has a few disadvantages as well. These drawbacks can be quite serious if a company pays only lip service to this management concept and implements it without really understanding why or how.

Some companies need to bring about an immense change in their mind set and style of functioning. This is sometimes very difficult and the initial problems created can be very bad for business overall. For instance, companies need to have a very open style of communication in order to put this management style into practice. Also, many employees think very territorially and are unwilling to let go ‘their’ work areas. Watch video in link below

video link : http://wp.me/p8HeNU-DL

A good understanding of Kaizen will help you use it well to bring about great success in your company. You’ll be able to cut costs and increase productivity thanks to this management style.¬†Very often, the initial excitement around using a new management style dies down all too soon. As a result, companies are not able to get the results they are looking for. Further, it makes people believe that this management technique will not work at all.

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