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Since water naturally has the potential to carry contaminants, using clean water is the starting point of our discussion. Assuming you are using clean water, water has the potential to be affected by EMFs. Dr. Binhi has given us the physical reasons why water can be affected by EMFs. More work needs to be done to demonstrate what this means to human functioning. At one level, naturally magnetized water obtained from Japan, has been shown by Dr. Ohno to slow the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

When MFs are applied to the body, naturally all the body’s water is also being affected. Indeed, some authors believe some if not many of the benefits of MF therapy are due to the actions of MFs on the body. This is clearly true for the reason MRIs are possible. If we assume that the water you drink is clean, you may be able to get additional benefits from drinking water that is magnetically or EMF treated in some way. Several companies promote treated water for various health benefits. Watch video in link below

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Whether treated water is purchased separately or not, the magnetic system you own can “treat” the water you will take in that day. Without research evidence, it is not known whether your particular system is effective in helping with any particular health need or not. Regardless, treating the water you drink with any system you own is unlikely to do harm. Even minutes of exposure is all that is needed to “treat” the water. Dr. Ohno has found that unless the water is naturally magnetized (and therefore unmagnetizable), thusly treated water is typically only useful for about 8 hrs, that is, for that day. Freshly treated batches are therefore needed each day.

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