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All those artists certainly did create amazing music fuelled by their pain and distress. They have another thing in common, though: they’re all dead. Success didn’t solve any of their problems. Arguably it made them worse, to the extent that the pressures of fame drove them to kill themselves, either through suicide or substance abuse. Writing about their pain didn’t cure it, no matter how many fans they had or how many records they sold.

That doesn’t stop troubled musicians from emulating them. In fact, many of them refuse to address their problems, be they medical problems or issues in their lives that are bringing them down, because they somehow think that their pain is the source of their creativity. You can’t be a tortured genius if you’re not tortured, right? Some of them even deliberately mess their lives up to make sure they have something to be depressed about, so that they can write songs about their self-inflicted misery. I’ve seen it happen again and again. Watch video in link below

video link : http://wp.me/p8HeNU-yY

NONE of these people succeed, in music or in life. Expressing your pain does not make it go away. Basing your life and career plans on your pain is a one-way ticket to self destruction. I’ve seen it happen to close friends. Some of them have taken their talent and their beautiful music to the grave. That’s not romantic, that’s a waste of a life. Those people aren’t role models, they’re failures.

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