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the Lexus GS was introduced in 1991, it created a legend and rich story that car enthusiasts still marvel at in the present day. However, the first Lexus GS wasn’t the GS that we know today. There were significant changes that occurred over the years that have evolved the Lexus GS into the worldwide phenomenon.

The Lexus GS was initially launched as the Toyota Aristo in 1991, with Aristo meaning “the best” in Greek. That is actually quite an accurate statement, as the quality, luxury, and reliability have never wavered since its inception. Eventually, the Aristo name evolved to the Lexus GS, which stands for Grand Sport. The Lexus GS has received such positive feedback that it actually helped turn the Lexus brand into a household name and span several model generation years. Watch video in link below

video link : http://wp.me/p8HeNU-st

The present day features the 4th generation GS available in base or F-sport trim. The base model features a classic straight grille, while the F-Sport trim has a very aggressive spindle grille and performance enhancements. Even though the F-sport is more expensive, people still opt for the F-sport because of the unique stylistic features. The feedback has been overwhelming positive for the GS F-Sport, but one noticeable difference between the F-Sport package and the base trim is that the F-sport lacks a set of working fog lights! One would think that a premium trim would have all the features of a base trim and more, but it just so happens that the premium trim does not come equipped with fog lights.

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