Punishment in Schools Boys vs Girls

The funny thing was, Gordon put the success of this presentation down to everything but himself! It was the audience, or the ring-binder, or even the venue – everything but him! I then explained that through this nightmare experience he had stumbled on one of the most important public speaking secrets of all: Every talk you ever give should be prepared and delivered in an ‘informal’, friendly, approachable way. Who likes to be in the presence of some ‘formal’ stilted corporate entity trying to be something they’re not? Better to be in the presence of a speaker who is real and true to him or herself.

Then the penny dropped. Gordon realised that what happened on this occasion was precisely what he had done at his daughter’s wedding. He had gathered three stories to share, one when she was little, one on how she was then travelling on her journey, and a speculative one on how things should be in the future. Here each of these stories suggested the next, and on the ‘ring-binder’ night each slide brought to mind what story to tell and what point to make. In retrospect he know clearly sees what he did. Watch video in link below

video link : http://wp.me/p8HeNU-qP

Not long after this Gordon told me of another speech he had to give in front of 150 people at an equally important networking event for his Association. But this time he experienced that same ‘good feeling’ afterwards by design! Gordon has now wiped the term ‘formal’ from his thinking with regard to speaking before business groups for it had been a terrible mill-stone around his neck for as long as he could remember. He now prepares and delivers all his presentations in the same ‘informal’ way he did with his daughter’s wedding and the ‘ring-binder’ awakening.

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