Ikhlaqiat Ka Sabaq

Quantity is also a part of creating a sumptuous or feast-like feeling for your reception. I once attended a wedding at which there was an enormous display in the center of the room with a raw bar, crab legs, lobster claws, peeled jumbo shrimp, and every other delicacy from the sea that you could imagine. This was surrounded by stations offering delicious fare like a carving station, a sauteed mushroom bar (loved it!), and many, many other custom cooked or carved dishes. Have I mentioned yet that this was only the cocktail hour? This awe-inspiring display was followed by a full dinner, wedding cake, and finally

The seated dinner at such a lavish wedding should feature rich and luxurious foods, lovingly prepared by a great chef. Dishes involving seafood are always a good selection, particularly when done in a wonderful cream sauce. Top quality cuts of beef are another great option, like those you would find at some of the country’s top steakhouses (and if they are cooked in butter, so much the better). The richness of this type of menu makes it particularly appropriate for the cooler months (the wedding discussed above took place in January). Watch video in link below

video link : http://wp.me/p8HeNU-po

Presentation definitely counts for your wedding dinner. Just as you finish off an elegant bridal gown with the perfect set of crystal bridal jewelry, so should you pay special attention to how your food will be served. Heavy cut crystal wine glasses and water goblets will help to create a table fit for a feast. Think of the crystal stemware as the bridal jewelry that your fine wine will wear. If the glasses are the accessory, then the plates and tablelinens are the décor equivalent of the bride’s gown. Look for luxe details like gold charger plates and opulent table cloths to help set the stage for your sumptuous wedding reception.

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