Class Room Management Strategies

Surveys and observations revealed that only 5 to 10% of the schools children are very serious about learning new things and thus upgrade their knowledge through the teachers in schools. The remaining students are mostly dependent on internet to acquire knowledge!. Such students seem to be acquiring better knowledge from other sources. Hence, for them the teachers and schools are not much important. This is evident in the casual approach of many students and also their attitude towards their teachers.

Unlike the students of yester years the modern students seem to be spending a lot of time for non academic activities as acquiring knowledge has become quite easier. Some students are busy while travelling too in browsing some of the most useless websites. For such students enjoyment is the primary concern.

There is also transformation in the food habits of the people of the world. The type of food we consume does modify our behavior and attitude. Most of the students in this digital era do consume fast food such as pizza, noodles, etc. Scientists and doctors too advise to take only the primary food products. Though the teachers and parents also advise the students or innocent children about better food habits, most of the children seem to be reluctant to follow the wise advise!. Thus most of the students seem to be following blindly the knowledge from websites rather than lending ears to the lively and interesting lectures of the teachers.

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