Songs to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Love Songs for Your Ex Boyfriend

So you are searching for the songs to get your ex boyfriend back. Well, you know that music has surprising magical power for falling in love. Music has also astonishing healing power if your heart is broken.


Music can play a great role in getting your ex back. Men sometimes become tired of being engaged. Some small fights or quarrels motivate them to break-up.

But their loving ones may be still in their deep inside. So your ex-boyfriend can still desire you and want to fix the problems with you if you give a little extra effort to your relationship. You can contact with your ex through music.

Songs can help you in your soul healing and at the same time reunite you with your ex. Some songs that can help you in this case are –

1. When you are gone – AVRIL LAVIGNE

2. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely- Backstreet Boys

3. The reason – Hoobastank

4. Nobody wants to be lonely – Ricky Martin

5. Runway – The Corrs

6. Annie’s Song – John Denver

7. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson

8. Truly Deeply Madly – Savage Garden


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These are some heart touching songs that can help you in making your ex boyfriend coming back to you.

You can record this heart touching songs in CD and send it to your boyfriend. Every song carry soothing words & after hearing, your boyfriend will rush to come to you. All of these songs have deep lovely meanings.

The song “When you are gone” by AVRIL LAVIGNE carry the meaning that it hurts so much when you are away from your loving ones. This song will make your ex realizing that you are now in so much pain without him.

By hearing the song “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” by Backstreet Boys your boyfriend may realize that you are feeling so lonely & time has stopped to you after his moving away.

The song “The reason” by Hoobastank carry the meaning that though you are not a perfect person and you couldn’t treat your ex well but you are trying to change yourself for him, because he is so special for you. This is a perfect song for getting your ex boyfriend back.

By hearing the song, “Nobody wants to be lonely” by Ricky

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