Great Teacher’s Gift Ideas – More Than an Apple to the Teacher

We’re nearing the end of another school year and I’m finding it hard to believe that my ‘baby’ will be starting his final year at infant school in a matter of months. Where does the time go?

But before I have to deal with those emotions, there’s a more pressing problem: remembering to buy teacher’s gifts for my sons’ teachers at the end of term.

Certainly at infant and junior school level, every child seems to turn up at school on the final day of the summer term, clutching a beautifully wrapped gift. Teachers suddenly become expert jugglers as their arms are piled high with flowers, boxes and bottle shaped gifts.

On this day, every staff room in the country must resemble a strange cross between Interflora, Boots and Thorntons. Woe betide any teacher who has just started a diet, or for that matter, suffers from hay fever.

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