Teaching Problems ESL Teachers Experience

We are not cry babies here, but there are numerous problems that an ESL instructor faces day in and day out. Below are a few problems that may stir the pot.

In order to be satisfied, and to cover as much ground as possible, we must identify the student. You have regular college ESL students, who come to college fully prepared to learn the English language, then, who are legally or illegally attending students.

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You have newly arrived people from other countries studying the language; you have older adults and you have those who are only in class to pass the time away, and collect a great government check. This money, they do not have to return. Call it a free gift for being in America.

There are many students who bring very poor education and preparation to the ESL classroom setting. This causes much dismay and confusion in the classroom. It sets the tone of the class. If there is not a good exam that puts students in the appropriate level, there is chaos. Teachers are confused and stir to create something that separates the levels.

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