How to Enjoy Retirement Even If You Have a Type A Personality

Preparing for retirement is a significant transition for anyone, and it can be especially challenging if you have a Type A personality. You may find that your competitive drive and outgoing nature can work against you unless you channel those qualities in a positive direction.

After all, when you’re used to managing others and having your identity tied up in your career, it can be disconcerting to discover that you’re no longer in charge.

Try these tips for how to adjust your expectations and enjoy your new freedom.

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Adjusting Your Pace:

1. Delay new commitments. It can be tempting to rush into new ventures now that you have so much free time. On the other hand, you’ll probably make sounder decisions if you give yourself time to shift your priorities and weigh your options.
2. Practice relaxing. Lying in a hammock can be stressful for some individuals. Find relaxation practices that work for you, whether that means daily meditation or a demanding hobby.
3. Exit gradually. See if your employer is interested in phased retirement. Some professionals prefer to cut back on their hours and responsibilities before leaving the workplace permanently.

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