Fishing in Thailand

Thailand’s island of Phuket occupies a strategically located site from which to reach all the best fishing grounds off the northwest coast of Thailand, plus is a convenient starting-point for fishing trips to India’s Andaman Islands, where gigantic marlin can still be found.

As with virtually every game-fishing venue there are specific seasons when the pelagic visitors are more prolific. The most productive seasons also depend on weather and sea conditions. Although black marlin may well be present over Phuket’s continental shelf for most of the year, there are periods when targeting them may be prevented due to adverse sea conditions. Compared with many established game-fishing venues, Phuket is fortunate as extreme weather and sea conditions are uncommon. Very few fishing days are lost due to heavy seas or tropical storms.

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Phuket has two major weather patterns. During the dry season, which generally lasts from mid-October to mid-May, the prevailing winds are from the north-east and on occasions sea conditions may get a little choppy. During the rainy season of June to October the prevailing winds are from the south-west and sometimes result in long waves and gentle swells. As with anywhere in the tropics, it can rain at any time, but prolonged periods of heavy rain occur only occasionally, even in the rainy season.

The peak season for fishing off Phuket generally coincides with the peak period for tourists visiting the island. October, November and December usually represent the most productive months for marlin and sailfish action. During the rainy season, Phuket often enjoys a good run of sailfish. July and August regularly provide anglers with ‘hot-bites’ from sailfish, wahoo and dorado.

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