Came with two Legs

I realized that I needed to find my site in the world, a position where I was producing a distinction in a way that felt correct to me. I also realized that I was missing the numerous comforts I had taken for granted before. Although my heart was full of love and happiness, I was as well discontented. This lifestyle wasn’t right for me. I was cold, hungry, broke, scared, and lost. I required assist.

Even though my years as a monk had taught me how to locate interior enjoyment, that night I discovered that my soul was wanting much more. I learned it is not enough just to be joyful with what we have; we have got to honor our material desires as well. As I started to ask God for more, it began to happen. Little miracles right away occurred all roughly me. Watch video in link below

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As I was hungry, some one would invite me to dinner. At the moment when I was tired of sleeping in my automobile, some one would invite me to visit for a while. I needed gas for my vehicle, and my parents decided to send me a gas credit card. The joy and relief I sensed in reaction to all these gifts helped me to start releasing my negative feelings and beliefs about dollars and wealth. As this continued material accomplishment began to flow in, within a year, my life started to become comfortable again. I was still finding my route, but my prayers were being answered.

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