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Search engines use a number of criteria for ranking websites. No one can say exactly how the search engines weigh their criteria, since the search engines protect this information as a trade secret. But SEO experts are able to give us a reliable picture of what we need to do to get the highest visibility in Internet search engines.

The three keys to search engine ranking are content, keywords, and back links. Ultimately, a high ranking in search engines is the result of high traffic. How do you drive more traffic to your small business website? Content, keywords, and back links. Watch video in link below

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The content of your website must be chosen carefully and with plenty of research. A lot of websites look pretty with flash designs, detailed artwork and pictures. If you have a small business, then concentrate on that with your website. You are not trying to impress prospective clients with all of your fancy technology on your website. Use your website to find leads, entice customers, and make long lasting relationships.

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