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We may be able to help control indigestion by the way we cook? In order for us to properly digest our food it takes 100 of enzymes of many different varieties. There are enzymes in our food, but we destroy these when we cook our food. So because the body needs them it is forced to manufacture them. After a while our body may get tired of doing all this extra work, so it will go on strike and not produce a efficient amount. Then once that happens, you better start heading for the antacids, because you are in for a bout of indigestion. With the germs and pesticides and other things that are foods are exposed to, unfortunately we really don’t have a choice but to thoroughly cook our foods.

The stomach has to break down the different types of food we ingest. One of these being protein. To do the job the stomach secretes enzymes and hydrochloric acid. The stomach is so efficient at its job that between 2-6 hours later it is totally emptied of its contents and is ready for the next batch. Now you know why you’re hungry. Watch video in link below

video link : http://wp.me/p8HeNU-gd

You liver is a food inspector? One of the jobs of the liver is to inspect the nutrients that are going to go to our bloodstream. Its job is to supply detoxification by getting rid of the impurities. This assists the digestion process. Good reason to keep your liver in top working condition.

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